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Series Snapshot // July 28–29 vs. Los Angeles Dodgers


Quick 2 gamer against our old friends from LA.
Series Snapshot // July 25–27 vs. Seattle Mariners


First series, first series win!


Baseball is back!
Taxi Squad @ University of Houston

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2020 Summer Camp

2020 Summer Camp

Check out our top shots from the whirlwind summer camp of 2020. On to the regular season!
Dusty Bakers first day

Dusty Bakers first day

Go behind the scenes with our new skipper as he comes in for his first day on the job.
2020 Astros FanFest


Check out all the action from this years FanFest at MMP!


This postseason, the Astros are celebrating every win with a new mural in the Greater Houston Area! This page will be updated throughout…
Houston BBWAA announces 2019 awards

Houston BBWAA announces 2019 awards

The Houston Chapter of the Baseball Writers Association of America has announced their Astros award winners for the 2019 season:
AL West Champs!

AL West Champs!

Check out all the action from the clinch of our third straight AL West title!
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Series Snapshot // September 20–22 vs. Los Angeles Angels

HOLA! Los Astros vs. Los Angeles de Aneheim for Hispanic Heritage weekend!
Series Snapshot // September 17–19 vs. Texas Rangers


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Series Snapshot // September 9–12 vs. Oakland Athletics.

Series Snapshot // September 9–12 vs. Oakland Athletics.

Couple against the A’s. First responders night and Golf night some fun to get the week going!
Series Snapshot // September 5–8 vs. Seattle Mariners.

Series Snapshot // September 5–8 vs. Seattle Mariners.

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Verlander named AL Player of the Week

Verlander named AL Player of the Week

Astros All-Star wins ninth career weekly award coming off historic no-hitter
Alvarez, Bregman earn AL Monthly Awards for August

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Third consecutive Rookie monthly honors for Alvarez; Second career monthly award for Bregman
Series Snapshot // August 27–29 vs. Tampa Bay Rays.


Lots of runs in this 3 gamer and we got to see our old friend CFM again!
Series Snapshot // August 23–25 vs. Los Angeles Angels.

Series Snapshot // August 23–25 vs. Los Angeles Angels.

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DOG DAY 2019

DOG DAY 2019

12/10 good day. Baseball Doggos everywhere. Greatest day of the year.
Series Snapshot // August 19–22 vs. Detroit Tigers.

Series Snapshot // August 19–22 vs. Detroit Tigers.

4 against the Tigers. 3 dubs. 2 big first pitches. 1 major league debut. Go Stros
Ric Flair in the house!

Ric Flair in the house!

Reid Ryan Enters Express HOF

Reid Ryan Enters Express HOF

The Round Rock Express inducted Astros President of Business Operations Reid Ryan into their Hall of Fame prior to tonight’s 7:05 p.m…
Astros release 2020 regular season schedule


Will begin season at home on March 26 vs. Angels; Schedule includes matchups vs. NL East opponents
Series Snapshot // August 6–7 vs. Colorado Rockies.


Quick 2 gamer against the NL gentlemen from Colorado. Greinke day went well and we got a whole bunch of runs. GREAT SUCCESS.
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Series Snapshot // August 2–4 vs. Seattle Mariners.

On Friday, we went deep (6 times). On Saturday, honored some legends and made some new ones. On Sunday, we swept.